Big Data Services

BIG Data Intelligence/Consultant

It is our mission to help organizations to work in the highly data-driven market & get results from data from multiple sources with the help of our big data consultants. We use well coordinated technology & tools across the entire data cycle for best results in Business Intelligence solution development. Our project teams consist of specialists with compatible background and skills that are compatible to your project requirements. Our BIG Data Intelligence services include:
• ENTERPRISE DATA MANAGEMENT – This includes implementing various types of data from content storage like: o CRM systems
o ERP Data
o Transaction data
o Structured data
o Structure less data.
BUSINESS ANALYSIS – We provide systematic insight on the accurate end state targets and the most efficient ways to achieve them.
Big Data Engineering & architecture - Our central development team contains performance engineering as well as continuous software QA and testing driven with the help of DevOps & other rapid development principles.
Database Management/Administration - We design dependable, scalable and high-speed data warehouses. We also manage & develop an effective and secure database environment.

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